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Our namesake sycamore tree, which stands directly beside the salon, is the oldest sycamore tree in the Newtown area. It is a well-known cornerstone of the community and has been a place of public gathering since the turn of the century. The surrounding 30-acre tract of land, as planned by William Penn, was to serve as a village focal point for public speaking, business, and recreation. By mutual agreement, early landowners used “The Common”, and the creek behind our salon, as a pasture and supply of water. To reserve a sense of history and keeping the environment in mind, Sycamore Salon has been restored using the original barn woods, natural colors, green lighting and ergonomic design.



Why Organic ingredients are important to us… and you!

It’s important to be an informed image1consumer, with so many products on the market. Many hair and color products incorporate ammonia, sulphates, formaldehyde, etc. Understandably, these chemicals are not conducive to health and wellness. The FDA has yet to set regulations and guidelines for companies that claim their products are all “natural”; however, there are specific standards enforced by the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) that qualify a product to be considered “certified organic”.
Using organic products can cut down on allergic reactions, irritations andsensitivities. Please refer to the following websites of the products used at Sycamore Salon, to obtain more information about organic ingredients, and potentially harmful chemicals that have a negative impact on people and the planet.

Our team of hair care professionals have years of experience creating classic and cutting-edge hair styles for women and men. Contact us to make an appointment or talk to one of our stylists about your needs.

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